Each vessel is made of micaceous earth and is different by nature than commercial ceramics. The micaceous clay does not vitrify, meaning silica turns to glass, and therefor is more ephemeral. Each vessel will patina with use, marking time and use through out its use. 

We cure each piece, whether for sculptural or practical use after firing but some additional curing may be necessary, think of cast irons. The use of harsh soaps or a heavy acidic presence will result in removing the cure. 



→  Turn the oven on to 350 non convection.

→  Once the oven has been warmed up add you piece(s) to the oven and let warm up until its hot but warm enough to hold with a folded paper towel.

→  Use a paper towel, or any fabric, to apply a little 'GENERAL REMEDIO' onto the entire surface and put back in the oven for 2 min. 

→  Remove piece(s) from the oven and with a fresh paper towel dry any excess remedio of and let cool naturally. 

→  Repeat when ever necessary. 


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