( Johnny Ortiz-Concha )



Johnny Ortiz-Concha was born and raised in the high desert of Northern New Mexico in Taos and comes from generations of ancestors who have been born and raised on the same land. New Mexico in all it’s complexity is complicated to define, as is Johnny. His blood is a mix of various cultures that have been settling New Mexico for centuries, primarily Tu-ah-ta ( Taos Pueblo ) and Spanish ( from mother Spain ).


Johnny is an award winning chef in parts that has worked in some of the most interesting restaurants in the country and even helped run them. Now Johnny is less a chef and is inseparable from the ecosystem he has been working at building that is / shed, where he is intimate with each step of the process that goes into a / shed dinner.


Johnny first became enamored with food when his mother gave him a wild rose to eat and since has been delving into what it means “to cook”. Once a passion solely based within the confines of a restaurant, now involves numerous vernacular practices of his terrain and culture.


A blurring of the lines between life and work. 






→ Alinea // 2010-2012

→ Willows Inn //2012-2013

 Saison //2013-2017



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