¬ Besides being a way of life and connection to the place we inhabit and come from, this husbandry is the only way to cook or eat. 

When I started to my really dive into what cooking really is, I started to delve into the soul of the food and shortly after realized that to cook great food I needed to learn not just what is “corn”, but all that makes up “corn”. Where the seed came from, what story does the seed hold, what was the soil it was planted in, what cycle of the moon was it planted on, was the manure used from cows that had been nurtured, were those cows who fertilized them happy, where was the water coming from, was there energy left in the water, how was it harvested, how was it stored, et cetera. Then repeat for each component of a dinner, only then comes the cooking.

In this journey, I quickly realized you can’t cook great food from not great materials. The ingredients, in their story and identity, but also in their energy and nutrition are what make up great food. / shed 'estancia' aims at being a regenerative and self sustaining system where everything comes from, and goes back into the land, making what we take less then we give, while growing vernacular crops and landrace animals to nurture ourselves, our community, and dinner participants.


→   CHURRO sheep
→   CRIOLLO cattle 

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