(noun) Parciante: members of the community who participate in the acequia system. 


“Without participants and witnesses, who will carry the prayers into the world?”



This membership has been conjured up with the intention to be able to create more transparency and intimacy with all of the practices that surround a / shed dinner, both for ourselves and for you. Many of these practices are vernacular to the culture here in rural Northern New Mexico where we are from for generations and continue to inhabit. The name and intention is inspired by the vernacular and ancient practice of acequias, the diverting of river water to flood fields and orchards. Acequias are the lifeblood of our terrain and those who live directly in relationship to it.

In the same way that acequias and their parciantes are the lifeblood of our culture here in northern New Mexico, ‘parciantes’ of / shed are the lifeblood of the / shed ecosystem, helping to support the regeneration and perpetuation of it.

Although as a / shed parciante, you won’t be physically helping with our acequia system you will be a participant in the entire / shed ecosystem from afar by contributing your energy in the form of small monthly contributions, helping make it all possible, and in turn we will be returning the energy by sharing the fruits of our labors with you, which includes: access to the entire / shed ecosystem ( from here or afar ).




By being a ‘parciante’ you are putting your energy towards the regenerative practices of / shed and the tending to 50+ acres of land and the landrace animals who will feed off of and regenerate it, including our CRIOLLO cattle and CHURRO sheep. These practices like the landrace animals hold stories of the land and culture of Northern New Mexico that are generally only witnessed by those doing the work. As older generations get older there is so much to be forgotten or lost and with the support of ‘parciantes’ we are able to delve into these practices and to work with the viejos ( old timers ) which in turn allows us to support and honor them but also to glean from their vast knowledge, and in turn be able to share all of this back with you ‘parciantes’.   

Become a Parciante

You'll receive access to recuerdos (remembering), mercado (market), recolección (dinners) and noticias (news) as part of your membership.

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