Apricot jam

2023-08-11Johnny Ortiz

I grew up in my grandfather, Lupe Concha's, house at Taos Pueblo and as the oldest child I was lucky to spend some time with him before he passed away. I was still young and don't remember much but he definitely imprinted many things on to me. I can't remember if apricot jam reminds me of him because of the amazing apricot tree he had in his fading orchard, or because he would make jam of said apricots. Regardless apricot jam is my favorite and always has been and is always the first thing I make sure to make when I get my hands on apricots. 


As fate may have it the land I first bought has two giant apricot trees that produce fruit here and there but this year seem to have infinite little red fruits that are different than any other apricot I can remember ever trying, sharing more similarities with a peach than most apricots. They are getting more red each day and we'll...

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