Churro ( fiber )

2024-06-06Johnny Ortiz

¬ We raise landrace churro sheep, and while great for meat, these words are in reverence of their fleece. 


Churro sheep, originally 'Churra', name meaning “scrub”, is more of a landrace ( mutt ) than a breed, brought to the 'New world' in 1598 by the Spanish explorer Juan de Onate. They were brought with over other Spanish breeds because they were thought to be the  lesser breed, unlike the Merino, and we're willing to loose them. 


After being introduced, and over hundreds of years the sheep became the endemic sheep to Spanish and Native peoples of the desert southwest, despite deliberate attempts to eradicate the sheep. Through out this time the sheep adapted to the terrain and has become its own unique creature, and while almost losing them still persist. 


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