2023-05-29Johnny Ortiz

¬ A good margarita is one of the great joys of life on the / shed ranch. A hard days work moving hay, guiding water from the acequia, building adobes, picking rose fruit or any of the other countless activities we engage in is often rewarded with an ‘daily margarita’. 

In my cooking I’m interested in a myriad of things that build up what makes it to the plate, or glass. The flavor really is just the reward, and is always greater the greater the quality of ingredients. 

I whole heartedly believe that food that is good for us, if we are perceptive to it, will always taste better. The salt I find on every margarita rim from any restaurant is always either diamond kosher salt, or the margarita salt they seemingly sell to every restaurant, both mostly sodium chloride which is man made and in no way natural or very great for our health as a human, due mostly to the lack of trace minerals. Salt is something that helps keep us hydrated and aids in the delivery of trace mineral...

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