OSHÁ ROOT ( thoughts )

2023-05-29Johnny Ortiz

¬ Oshá root, or bear root is the root part of the plant Ligusticum porteri found in parts of the Rocky Mountains and northern New Mexico. Oshá is in the lovage family, sometimes called wild celery or porters lovage. At the pueblo in Taos it is called bear root because when the bears come out of hibernation they immediately dig up the root to consume and rub it on themselves.  

Oshá is generally thought of as one of the most medicinal plants of this terrain and I would have to agree with that. While we tend to think of things in a vacuum, I don’t think it is ever that simple. Medicine is a tricky word and has many meanings. I love the quote “your life is your medicine” and I feel the medicinal qualities of a plant, or anything really,...

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