Your support as a 'parciante' means the world to us


This membership was conjured with the concept of allowing folk access to our work from near or afar and for an amount accessible to many. It is a system that is stronger in numbers, and with more members we are able to build more systems that will be available to all parciantes. 


You being part of the / shed community mean a lot to us, and if you've made it to this page because of financial reasons we'd like to offer you a 50% off discount to remain a 'parciante. 




By being a ‘parciante’ you are putting your energy towards the regenerative practices of the entire / shed ecosystem.

Which includes:

The tending and restoring to 50+ acres of old land grant land with centuries old acequias and the landrace animals who will feed off of and regenerate them, including our CRIOLLO cattle and CHURRO sheep.

The cultural practices that go back centuries.

The restorations of old adobes buildings that will be used to share the fruits of our labors with parciantes. 

The plantings of orchards and other endemic plants.

The work towards production of goods produced by our plants and animals ( cider, wool, meat, et cetera ) . 

The documentation and education of a land based culture that is on the verge of extinction.

y todo.   


These practices like the endemic plants and landrace animals hold stories of the land and culture of Northern New Mexico that are generally only witnessed by those doing the daily and hard work. As older generations get older there is so much to be forgotten or lost and with the support of ‘parciantes’ we are able to delve into these practices and to work with the viejos which in turn allows us to support and honor them while also gleaning knowledge on the verge of being forgotten. In turn, all that is supported and done through / shed is alchemised and shared with our ‘parciantes’. 


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